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Dimaries Lugo,
My Fabulous Story

My name is Dimaries Lugo, I am originally from Puerto Rico and have been a Florida resident for 28 years. I am the mother of two beautiful daughters, Nicole and Thalía, who are my world. I currently work in the financial field, a profession I have practiced for the last 25 years. Like any person who is
comfortable in what they do, or in the place they are at, often we do not dare to make the decision to go after our dreams and in pursuit of what brings satisfaction to our lives.

I have always been passionate about the beauty industry. Going to a spa, getting my nails done and doing my hair are things I really enjoy. Spending time among women outside the daily routine of work
brings me immense happiness.


One of those days that I was at the salon, I started thinking that I would love to have my own salon where different treatments could be provided under one roof in a pleasant environment with personalized service where each client could feel at home. Ideas began to flow through my mind, but I
saw it as something very far to reach, but I never stopped praying for that dream to come true.

I finally decided to take the first step and went for a certification on eyelash extension and once I completed the course, I began doing them on my spare time. One day I had the opportunity to rent a
space at the salon and I accepted the challenge without imagining that God was already orchestrating a plan in my favor. He finally granted one of my heart's wishes, on His time, which is perfect! In March
2022 I bought what is now D'Bella Beauty Studio.

We are here to serve you with lots of love and passion!

Dimaries Lugo


Meet the Team

Our beauty professionals, styling experts that will take you natural beauty to a new level .

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